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This was an extra "mini-mini" Reunion, run as an experiment in 2012 to see if we should continue Mini Reunions. The Exec Committee decided not to continue them. "Darling, we are getting older".







Attendees – Bob Brown and Barbara Schlatter, Pete and Sally Anson, F Jeremy Main, Bill and Barbara Winters, Lew and Sis Bancroft, Dick and Phoebe Ford, Jim Garvey and Jane Williams, Sid and Jean Fox, Charlie Rose.

Organized by Jim Wallace.  Good job!

One night in the luxurious St. Paul Hotel and two nights on the Mississippi cruising Lake Pepin through locks with stops at Lake Pepin to see items such as an ornate wooden ex-church where the GAR was supposedly formed and a logging camp and then Red Wing...  One major high point was the National Eagle Center.  They rescue injured birds and give them a happy life.  Then a small boat ride around that part of the river to see nesting eagles.  Remember at the Seattle Mini when we were thrilled to see two Bald Eagles in a tree from the boat.  Conservation has really brought back the population.  Probably getting rid of lead shot helps.  One piece of lead shot ingested from an animal that has been shot can kill an eagle.

The travel agent (Randol Key at Vacations To Go) provided us with a bottle of bubbly in the room and a very generous on board credit.

Lots of great evening entertainment, marvelous care by the crew and fine accommodations, topped off by excellent Princeton companionship...



THE TERMINAL MINI-REUNION ON CAMPUS WED 28 SEP X SAT 1 OCT    2011                                



                                Two elder classmates co-chairing the mini.  





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