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At the ReunionFriday dinner at the Nassau Club were , Alexander H’50,

Anderson H’50, Campbell, Duncan, Erdman, Haynes, McAlpin, Rivinus,

Robinson, Rose.

The food and company were great,

We decided to come back to the Nassau Club for our 70th Friday night

Reunion dinner. Beds at Forbes are free as are golf carts for the P-rade.

Undergraduates driving golf carts are all over the place so getting around is easy.


Bill Haynes walked the whole P-rade, as did the oldest returning alumnus. Tex rode in

the cart.

There was another great dinner on Saturday, hosted by

Judy Schiede in honor of the Old Guard. 



our mob


Beth Rose '77, Bob Dyer, Charlie Rose '50, Bill Dyer and Meg McFarland.

Daughters and Grand Sons. The Grand Sons gave the cheer for the President

at the end of the P-rade. Pix taken at GCEPS lecture by Bill Frist '74. Bill's

undergraduate theis was on the need for a student center. His family gave one.


friday 6

Rivinus, Haynes, McAlpin, Dicki Ann Boal



Bob Dyer K50, Stu Duncan, Bill Dyer K50, Grand papa Charlie Rose


Erdman, Mary Hopkins, Bill Campbell, J Q Robinson


Background, Bob Dyer, Duncan, foreground Anderson H 50

Fou '94 S H 50, Alexander H 50




Pictures taken by Beth Rose '77 and Meg McFarland K'50.

Aline Haynes used the "Time to spare, go by air" system in her flight

from the west coast and missed the pictures.


Be sure to go to www.princetonianamuseum.org.

We are reaching out to share that 2019 will mark Princeton Football’s 150th season, which is also the 150th season of college football. To commemorate this truly historic year, Princeton will face Dartmouth at iconic Yankee Stadium on November 9, 2019 (3:30 PM), just days after the 150th anniversary of the inaugural game between Princeton and Rutgers.


Tickets for this special game are now available for purchase! We hope you will take advantage of the allure of Yankee Stadium and Princeton’s impressive undefeated 2018 Ivy League championship season to engage your classmates and consider planning a class mini-reunion, organizing a tailgate, or hosting a post-game reception.   

·        Call the Princeton Athletics Ticket Office (609-258-4TIX














Memories of out 48th.



Bill Haynes, Charlie Rose, Bill Campbell, our Piper playing The Artillery Song,

Schluters in the golf cart.


We're not old, we're dignified.


J Q Robinson, Joan Abbottts, Peter Erdman, Beth Rose '77, Marion Cronheim, Bob Cronheim,

Bill Campbell





Bill Haynes, Alene Haynes, Kent Young, Bill Dippel (son), Bill Dipple, Sue Dipple, Will Rivinus,

Dickie Ann Boal.



Charlie Rose, Mary Alexander H'50, Sue Fou '94 S H'50, Nick Anderson H'50



Mary Alexander H '50, Nick Anderson H '50, Stu Duncan, David McAlpin

Back row, Lamont Adams, Nancy Schluter, Charlie Rose, Bill Schluter.


Cans courtesy of Ken Perry



















NOTES. We do not list email addresses on this web site, since they are not password protected.   You can get addresses for classmates who have listed them with Alumni Records by clicking on Tigernet.




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