Mini Memories

Inspired by the success of the off-campus reunions staged by the Class of 1947, '50 launched its first off-campus reunion, better known as a "mini", in Washington , D.C. , in 1982. Since that time, the success of these annual gatherings (skipping only three major years: '85, '90, '95) is probably unmatched by any class of any college.

Through the first 19 minis, 230 classmates have attended at least one, representing a third of those living in 1982. The 1996 Seattle mini was the largest, attracting 85 classmates who with feminine traveling companions and several class widows brought the total attendance to 168. ( Numbers of classmates at each mini are recorded on the last page of this booklet.)

Concerned about "mini withdrawal syndrome", the practice of skipping major years was abandoned in 2000, our 50th reunion year, and the 16th mini was held that fall in Newburyport , Massachusetts . 84 people were in attendance, most of whom had been at the 50th and some who had also been on the mid-June French barge trip.

The popularity of the minis can be attributed to several reasons —interesting sightseeing in an area often new to classmates and their ladies, the opportunities for more extensive visits with people than the shorter and more crowded majors offer, and a nice mix of getting to know classmates not known in college and having time with old pals. Good food, museums, gardens, dinner dances, cruises, and shopping have been major attractions. Tennis, golf, and other outdoor pursuits have usually been available for the more robust. Talks by local personalities (often Princetonians) and civic leaders have been frequent, but serious education has not been a priority.

For his weekly hour-long, National Public Radio program, "Swingin' Down the Lane", classmate David Miller has used the mini venue as the inspiration for eight of his "big band" shows: New Orleans, Cincinnati, San Antonio, San Diego, Richmond, Charleston, Memphis and Palm Beach.

The wonderful collection of mini recollections that follows was prepared with loving care by Jean Fox. Jean attended early minis as Don Taylor's wife, later minis as his widow, and for many years since then as Sid Fox's wife. Jean's affection for our minis is reflected by her writing, and we of the Class of '50 are the beneficiaries.

Go to the pages listing each mini to enjoy Jean's creativity. Pictures from classmates are also there. Enjoy yourself.

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