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Al and Joan Abbotts, Phoebe Ballard, Lew and Sis Bancroft, Bill and Cynthia Bernart, Dave and Beverly Bingham, Bob and Sally Brown, Anne Buxton, Don and Eva Cohn, Bob and Marion Cronheim, Ouida Davis, Wayne and Peggy Dimm, Bill and Lucina Dippel, Tom and Lou Eshelman, Vaden and Grace Fitton, Sid and Jean Fox, Bob and Dotty Frantz, Tony and Ange Fryer, Jim and Blair Garvey, Dick and Lucia Gray, Joe and Jeanne Green, Charlie and Deeann Guntenkunst, Bill Haynes, Luke and Bunkie Hopkins, Lanse and Patience Hoskins, Dick and Marian Hungerford, Bo and Ellie Kelly, Vaden and Nancy Lackey, John and Diana Lewis, Blair and Clare Macdonald, John and Adrienne Maxwell, Dally and Dave McAlpin, Denny and Ann McCandless, Ted and Joyce Meldahl, John and Cee Minton, Dave and Tish Miller, Hugh and Ann Morgan, John Newman, Bo and Edie Nixon, Bill Osborne, Bob and Eileen Perley, Ken and Garie Perry, Brad and Carol Postell, Dutch and Diane Prioleau, Bob and Alden Read, Hank Rentschler, Charlie Rose, Jack Robinson and Addie Vogel, Glenn and Joan Siler, John Speed and Babs Hardy, Bob and Silvie Schelling, Al and Mary Shands, Jim and Aline Wallace, Dave and Allison Wilson, Bob and Mary Anne Weatherly, Steve and Betty Zimmerman, Fran and Bunny Wood.